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Clothes - accessories, parts, materials Getting dressed Fruits

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List of Words

  • iron
  • laundry
  • to bind
  • to buckle a belt
  • to change
  • to darn
  • to design
  • to dress
  • to dry
  • to fasten
  • to fit
  • to get dressed
  • to get undressed
  • to go well with
  • to iron
  • to knit
  • to lace
  • to lace up shoes
  • to patch
  • to put on
  • to put on shoes
  • to put something on
  • to roll up one's sleeves
  • to sew
  • to sew on
  • to sew on a button
  • to shorten
  • to shrink
  • to stain
  • to strip
  • to take off
  • to take something off
  • to thread a needle
  • to tie a tie
  • to try on
  • to undo the laces
  • to unstitch
  • to wash
  • to wear
  • to wear
  • to wear well
  • to weave
  • washing
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